3 Cool Things About Engineering Programs in Atlantic Canada

Do you have an interest in math and science? Have you ever thought about engineering as a career ?

Simply put, engineers are problem solvers. They design and produce products and systems that meets a specific need in their community.

This week on the Caribbean Students to Atlantic Canada Podcast (CS2AC), we spoke to Andy. Andy, who is from the Bahamas, is a graduate of the University of New Brunswick’s computer engineering program.

Listen to what Andy has to say about his experience as a UNB Engineering student.

As we continue to feature this great field of study, we thought it fitting to  list a few things that we like about the engineering programs throughout Canada’s East Coast.

1. Great Variety

That’s right! You may have heard about civil and chemical engineering, but have you heard about sustainable design engineering or geodesy & geomatics engineering? How about ocean & naval architectural engineering offered by Memorial University of Newfoundland?  Check out our post on Interesting Engineering Disciplines offered  by universities in Atlantic Canada.

2. You Get A Ring

But not just any ring! All Canadian trained engineers wear this symbol on the pinky finger of their working hand. It’s purpose is to act as constant reminder of   what it means to be an engineer and the ethical obligations that accompany the title. Read more on : ‘The Ritual of the Calling of an Engineer

3. Co-op Programs

A co-operative education program allows a student the opportunity to apply what was learned in the classroom  to a professional setting.The benefits are numerous allowing pre-graduates to expand their knowledge, explore career options and establish contacts in their chosen industry.

Interested in an engineering program? Check to see if they offer a co-op option.

Universities providing engineering programs include:  University of New Brunswick, Dalhousie University and Memorial University of Newfoundland

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