5 Places to Source Caribbean Foods in Atlantic Canada

Leaving home to advance your education is an exciting experience. You’re in a new place, making new friends and learning new things. 

But, whether you’re on a meal plan or not, there will come a point where you want a taste of your dad’s macaroni pie or grammy’s chicken souse. If your supply of home grown snacks has  depleted, you may have to venture out into the snow to restock. 

Where do you go? Where do you start? Don’t worry, we have made a list of all the places in Atlantic Canada  that we frequent when it’s time to cook or buy some good Caribbean food. 

1. Mom and Pop Grocery Stores

These single-location stores are not very big, but can carry niche items that can be purchased in a small quantities. This is perfect for the college budget. Places like Victory Meat Mart in Fredericton, New Brunswick come to mind . The store  has been known to carry scotch bonnet peppers, Halal foods, salt fish and oxtail (on occasion).  

2. Supermarket Chains

When schooling in Atlantic Canada, you will most likely become familiar with two chains: Atlantic Superstore and Sobeys. Sprinkled throughout  New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, their international food isles are known to stock  Matouk’s and Grace Products. If you are known to ‘chef-it-up’, this can be a great place to source plantains, yams and canned ackee.

Doubles , flickr

3. Bulkbarn

Need a king’s ransom in yellow cornmeal because you’re in charge of making the pastelles for the Caribbean association this year ? Well bulk barn may be your place.  Bulk Barn is great because it allows you to purchase as much or as little of an item as you need.

Note: We have yet to find a source for fig leaves ! 

4. Farmers Market or Cultural Market

If you have ever been to a farmers market , you know that there are always tasty international treats to sample.  If you cross your fingers, you may find a fellow islander selling some authentic Jamaican or Trinidadian food. 

Jerk Chicken, flickr

5. Restaurants

Well if you’re not set up for cooking or perusing the farmers market, Atlantic Canada has its share of Caribbean restaurants that will hopefully quench your craving. From ‘A Taste of Jamaica’ located in Newfoundland to ‘Caribbean Bliss’ in Nova Scotia, a restaurant outing with friends is a great treat after you  finish an exam.

Jamaican Breakfast, flickr

We hope this helps. Happy eating !

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