All Bahamas Merit Scholarship


Amount: Up To $35,000 / Annum

Awarded by Bahamian Ministry of Education- Scholarship & Educational Loan Division

Deadline: APRIL 30 (11:59 PM)

Beautisca King received this Scholarship. 

Listen to her talk about what she had to do on our Podcast.

Who's Eligible

a) be a citizen of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas;
b) be a graduate of or expect to graduate from a Bahamian secondary school, having completed a minimum of three (3) consecutive years of secondary education in The Bahamas (see note below);
c) be under the age of twenty (20);
d) have a minimum secondary school cumulative GPA of 3.70 or equivalent at the end of the term prior to application;
e) have sat a minimum of eight (8) BGCSE’s including English Language and Mathematics, and achieved a minimum of eight “A” passes, prior to the time of application;
f) have applied to or been accepted to an accredited international College or University.


Scholarship Overview:  

The All Bahamas Merit Scholarship is the most prestigious scholarship awarded in The Bahamas.

The All Bahamas Merit Scholarship is awarded to the single applicant* who has demonstrated exceptional academic ability, excellence in co-curricular activities, has been accepted to an academically prestigious College or University, has a strong ethos of public service, possesses an unwavering dedication to improving the lives of all Bahamians, and has demonstrated a strong moral character and the potential to lead.

Students are encouraged to apply to accredited institutions with superior academic credentials.

The ideal All Bahamas Merit scholar will serve in an ambassadorial role for The Bahamas. The All Bahamas Merit Scholar is expected to contribute to the overall development of The Bahamas by providing service and applying their talents and knowledge to improve the lives of other Bahamians.

*an All Bahamas Merit runner up will also be selected.


The All Bahamas Merit Scholarship is currently valued at up to $35, 000.00 per annum. The scholarship is a renewable award for up to five (5) years of undergraduate study tenable at the University of The Bahamas or an accredited University or College in the Caribbean, United States, United Kingdom, or Canada. Consideration will be given to specific undergraduate degrees whose required programme exceeds five(5) years in length.

The award will provide, in order of priority, for tuition and related fees, on-campus room and board, books, miscellaneous student fees and health insurance as funding allows.

The recipient should maintain a 3.25 cumulative GPA or equivalent in the first year of study and a minimum of 3.50 cumulative GPA or equivalent in each subsequent year.

The All Bahamas Merit Scholar should clearly demonstrate their desire to contribute to the national development of The Bahamas and acknowledge their obligation to ensure that other Bahamians may benefit from the opportunities afforded them upon the successful completion of their educational and professional training.

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  1. Academic Merit – based on high school GPA, BGCSE grades, test scores (including SAT I’s, SAT II’s, AP’s, IB’s, COB GPA, etc.), rigor of academic programme, honours, awards and recommendations;

  2. Quality and reputation of the proposed College / University;

  3. Leadership and contributions to school and community;

  4. Candidate’s personal qualities including leadership skills, maturity, independence, sense of direction, motivation, self-expression, and enthusiasm;

  5. Ability to perform as an Ambassador for The Bahamas.

    Note: all short listed candidates will be interviewed by the Selection Committee.


  •   Deadline: Completed application forms must be properly completed and submitted, with the relevantdocumentation, by11:59pmonApril30th.

  •   Only complete applications will be considered by the Selection Committee.

  •   Notification of Candidates: The Selection Committee will inform each applicant of its decisions.

  •   Changes in Field of Study or College: If a scholar wishes to change his/ her field of study or

    College at any point after the date of the award, he/she must inform the All Bahamas Merit Selection Committee in writing as to the reason(s) for such a change prior to making the change. A decision will then be made regarding the status of the award.

  •   If a scholar must discontinue his or her education temporarily, or fails to meet the required minimum GPA to maintain the award, he/she must submit in writing to the All Bahamas Merit Selection Committee a full explanation of the circumstances leading to the withdrawal or decline in academic standing, supported by documentary evidence. This will be carefully weighed and considered before a decision is made as to the status of the award.


    Each year, The All Bahamas Merit Scholar must provide the following documentation in order to be eligible for scholarship renewal:

  •   An official college transcript after each semester and no later than June 15 of each academic year completed verifying that he/she has been registered on a fulltime basis; is maintaining the minimum cumulative GPA of 3.25 out of a possible 4.0 or equivalent for the first year of study, and a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.50 or equivalent for each subsequent year; is following the approved field of study; and is in good financial standing.

  •   A Personal Evaluation Report summarizing the past school year, personal highlights, challenges and goals for the upcoming academic year.

  •   A completed Volunteer Service Verification Form confirming the contribution of a minimum of 25 hours of volunteer service to projects and / or service organizations of their choice each year, either while enrolled in college or during vacation periods.

  •   A Cost of Attendance Worksheet verifying their tuition, fees and other expenses associated with his/her study as well as the financial resources, including other scholarship awards, grants or gifts.

    Scholarship awards will be calculated annually up to $35,000.00. Scholarship funds will be applied, in order of priority, to tuition and related fees, on-campus room and board, books, miscellaneous student fees and health insurance as funding allows. Other merit based scholarship awards will be taken into consideration.

    The selection of the All Bahamas Merit Scholar is entirely in the hands of an independent selection committee. If there are any questions as to the policies concerning the scholarship programme, they are to be directed to The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Education, Nassau, Bahamas.



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