General Steps To Studying In Atlantic Canada

1. Decide On A School

We have made it easy for you to compare schools by summarizing programs, fees, student residences, entry requirements and scholarship offerings of each school on our website.

A. View Schools in Atlantic Canada

This is all you.  Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, this is where your grades, activities and credentials come into play.

You will need your acceptance letter to move forward. 

3. Apply For Your Study Permit /Visa

In order to obtain a study permit, you need the following (as per the Government of Canada’s website):

A. Proof of Acceptance

The letter must be from a DLI (designated learning institution). *All schools listed on our site are DLIs*

B. Proof of Identity

C. Proof of Financial Support

See our list of scholarships at the bottom of this page !

Disclaimer: Please note that we at CS2AC make every attempt to keep our information up to date.  However, the  immigration requirements of the Canadian government are subject to change without notice. We strongly encourage you to also reference their site when filling out your applications.

4. Wait To Receive Study Permit

While you wait for your study permit , it is possible to receive online updates (here). 

Also, see reasons why your application may be refused

5. Prepare To Arrive

After receiving your study permit there are other logistics such as booking your ticket, packing and crossing the Canadian border that need to be handled. 

This article provides helpful links for dealing with the Atlantic Canadian weather, finding used appliances for your dorm, etc. 

Listen Below To Students Talking About What They Did To Get Settled

Scholarships That May Apply To You