Kijiji: 11 Things A New International Student Should Know

You may have heard about Ebay or Craigslist , but have you heard about Kijiji?

Kijiji (which is Swahili for village), is Canada’s largest free classifieds website used for posting local ads. It allows people within a community to purchase and provide goods / services amongst each other.

After arriving in Atlantic Canada , it can be a useful  resource for any college student looking to supplement on-campus offerings or save a few dollars on a purchase.

We thought it would be helpful to provide some useful tips for potential first time Kijiji users  as well as list a few ways the website can be helpful.

Note: We always encourage students  to look into  university options first. With that said, we believe it is always a great idea  to be informed about everything a new city or town has to offer.

Kijiji: First-time User Info

1. Things Are Usually Sold As Is -The second hand economy is great, but remember things are generally sold as is. So ask lots of questions, request additional pictures- whatever you need to do  to  ensure you are getting what you want.  

2. Choose a Neutral Location for Meet Ups – Generally, we’ve found that people are  honest and kind. However, you still will want to be smart about your meet-up /transaction. Remember: Malls and coffee shops are great for meeting your seller and never provide credit card or banking information.  Kijiji produced a great video about remaining safe while meeting a buyer or seller.

3. Talk to A Local Canadian Friend – Still not too sure about what Kijiji is and how it can help ? Talk to your Canadian roommate or lab partner who is from your school’s town. Chances are they have used the platform  and can break down the do’s and don’ts for you.

4. Posting Your Own Ad is Pretty Easy –  Can’t find an on-campus buyer for your microwave? Kijiji makes it really simple to upload pictures and prices for all of your stuff.  They also have an app that makes posting and browsing even faster.

Kijiji: How Its Useful

5. Hair braiding and other hair services –As a Caribbean international student, its not always easy to find someone to take care of natural or processed hair in this neck of the woods. But there are hairdressers and braiders that advertise with Kjiji to reach their clientele. 

Be sure to take all the precautions discussed in our post when  meeting up.

6. Off campus housing- Kijiji provides a great list of student targeted housing options; from single rooms to apartments to houses. Check out their article on how to find a student apartment.

7. Furniture- Decided to move out of your campus residence and a brand new couch not in the budget? Kijiji has sofas and dining tables at every price point.

Tip: Check out Kijiji’s ‘Free Stuff’ tab under the ‘Buy & Sell’ menu option. Thank us later!

8. Appliances- There is no shortage of  microwaves and mini fridges listed on Kijiji. These can be oh so handy for those all-nighters in your dorm room .

9. Tutors– Colleges and universities usually have a well established tutoring system, so we suggest you start there. But, if for some reason you need more options, Kijiji is a great platform to search. From time to time you may come across past graduates offering their services on the site.

10. Textbooks – Students are constantly listing previously used textbooks. 

11. Car –If you live off campus, a car may be something you are considering. After ensuring that winter tires, annual safety inspections and general maintenance can fit within your budget, Kijiji is a great way to figure out your city’s vehicle market and narrow down general offerings.

Navigating a new place is never easy so we hope this helped!  Have you heard about Kijiji before? Let us know!

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