4 Engineering Programs That You May Want to Consider

If you are considering engineering as a profession you may already be familiar with civil, mechanical, electrical and chemical engineering. However, as we dived into this field of study, we came across some pretty interesting engineering disciplines that we wanted to bring to your attention. 

Offered by Memorial University of Newfoundland this program involves some of the world’s biggest structures that just so happen to be off shore!

The University of New Brunswick’s GGE program uses your aptitude  for math and science in order to analyze data about the Earth’s surface. 

Managing available resources and figuring out how to extract them in a sustainable manner are all part of mineral resource engineering. Offered by Dalhousie University, the  details can be found here.   

At the University of Prince Edward Island, sustainable design engineers design solutions and/ or products that utilize resources in a way that does not compromise the environment or deplete materials. Find out more here

Universities in Atlantic Canada that provide engineering programs include:  University of New Brunswick, Dalhousie University,  Memorial University of Newfoundland , St. Francis Xavier University, and Acadia University . 

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Last week on the Caribbean Students to Atlantic Canada Podcast (CS2AC), we spoke to Andy. Andy, who is from the Bahamas, is a graduate of the University of New Brunswick’s computer engineering program.

Listen to what Andy has to say about his experience as a UNB Engineering student.

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