Welcome to Caribbean Students to Atlantic Canada (CS2AC)! It’s quite a  mouthful, we know 🙂

At CS2AC, our goal is to help Caribbean students explore college and university options throughout Atlantic Canada. Along with other features,  we present the programs, scholarships and country-specific entry requirements of these facilities . All information has been compiled while keeping the needs and questions of the Caribbean student in mind.


The barrage of questions from siblings, friends and cousins revealed that our fellow countrymen/women knew very little about Atlantic Canada. Reflective of our own pre-Atlantic Canada journey , most are generally unaware of the phenomenal university options offered throughout the region. This reoccurring narrative prompted us to create Caribbean Students to Atlantic Canada (CS2AC). CS2AC is an online platform that provides a comprehensive summary of university offerings in Atlantic Canada. 


Our goal  stretches beyond providing a complete summary of tertiary options in Atlantic Canada. We also aim to feature real experiences from past and present Caribbean students. Having walked in your shoes, we are well aware that choosing a new school in a new country can be somewhat daunting . Beyond choosing a program, there are financial considerations, travel logistics and immigration specifications  that new students must navigate.We plan on providing relevant information that students find useful.