CS2AC Session 2: From the Shores of Trinidad to a degree in Finance, an MBA, and a Soccer Scholarship at University of New Brunswick

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CS2AC Session 2 : From the Shores of Trinidad to a degree in Finance, an MBA and a Soccer Scholarship at University of New Brunswick

On this session of the Caribbean Students to Atlantic Canada Podcast we talk with Keagan Marcus, a Trinidadian making strides as a businessman and entrepreneur in New Brunswick. Keagan obtained both his Bachelors in Finance and Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of New Brunswick .  Listen as he walks us through his time as a student athlete (on a soccer scholarship), how he earned spending money as a student and how he went about finding pre-owned appliances for his dorm room.

In this session you will learn: 

  • The existing partnership between University of New Brunswick and UWI- Roytec 
  • What was needed to set up Keagan’s first dorm room at Aitken House
  • How he utilized the classifieds website Kijiji to purchase appliances
  • How Keagan balanced being a finance student and a soccer athlete
  • What he did to earn spending money during his undergad
  • Why he chose the path of entrepreneurship and what its like being an entrepreneur in Atlantic Canada
  • What advice he has for caribbean students combating the snow for the first time

We have a great article on what Kijiji is and how students can use the platform to navigate the various stages of university.


What is entrepreneurship ?

Entrepreneurship is more than just starting a business.

 “Entrepreneurship is much broader than the creation of a new business venture…At its core, it is a mindset – a way of thinking and acting. It is about imagining new ways to solve problems and create value.”~ Bruce Bachenheimer


How UNB supports entrepreneurship

For Entrepreneurs and Innovators

  On its campus, UNB has the Pond-Deshpande Center . Founded by two  tech entrepreneurs that are also graduates of the school ,  this center’s main goal is to facilitate innovation/ entrepreneurship in New Brunswick.

 If you see yourself as someone with great ideas, you have this great resource right on campus !

About the City

About Fredericton:  As a Caribbean student in Fredericton, you will not be disappointed while taking a break from the books!  Located along the Saint John river, there are lots of walking/ bike trails and museums. The small town atmosphere makes all feel welcomed. It is not uncommon for students to switch up the scene and hold meetings or study sessions in one of the many coffee shops around town. 

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