Name of Scholarship: Public School Scholarship Programme

Range: From $7,500 US to $15,000 US/ academic year

Deadline : Last Friday in March in the Year Student is Applying



Please note that scholarship requirements may have changed. The information presented below represents criteria at the time of writing. We encourage you to confirm that requirements have not changed.


  • Scholarship is renewable
  • Students are able to apply for separate awards 
  • Bahamas Ministry of Education, Science & Technology partners with local and international universities and colleges 
  • Atlantic Canada Partnerships include: Saint Mary’s University, University of Prince Edward Island, Holland College

The Schools Below Have A Partnership With This Scholarship

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  • Must be a Bahamian Citizen
  • Must be enrolled in a public senior school
  • First preference given to students who will be first in their family to receive a college education
  • A GPA of 3.00 or greater for academic students
  • A GPA os 2.75 or greater for technical and vocational  students
  • Must pursue one of the outlined careers of national need
    • Have at least five (5) BGCSE (Bahamas General Certificate of Secondary Education) Examinations with grade of a “C” or above inclusive of Mathematics and English Language (Academic Student Requirements)
    • Must be eligible for a Student Visa/Study Permit, complete all Visa requirements and pay all associated fees

Listen to what it was like for this Bahamian Student to live and study in Canada.

Andy, who is from Nassau, studied at the University of New Brunswick, received a scholarship and got work experience as he studied. Find out more about how he did it.

Documents Needed

*You will need to have scanned and saved the required documents in PDF format.

    • Copies of relevant examination certificates and test scores (AP, BGCSE, ACT, SAT, etc.)

      • Three(3) letters of recommendation:Two (2) from teachers at your school AND One (1) from a guidance counselor at your school

        • A copy of the college/ university acceptance letter

          • An up-to-date official school transcript

            • A copy of the first four (4) pages of your passport or certificate of citizenship

              • A copy of your valid National Insurance Card

              • A valid Police Character Certificate

                  • A medical certificate (Required before the issuance of the award)

Essay Requirement:

Applicants are required to submit an original essay on the following topic:

What does a College Education mean to me? (If you are the first in your family please indicate the value this opportunity will bring to you and your family.)

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